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5-Year Combined B.A. and M.A. in Economics (5-yr CBMA)

To meet rising student and social demand for accelerated specialization in Economics, the Faculty of Economics has developed a 5-year Combined B.A. and Economics (5-yr CBMA), a program in which both the undergraduate degree and Master's degree in Economics are completed within 5 years, one year ahead of the usual 6-year schedule. Three fields of concentration are available within the 5-yr CBMA: (1) public policy, (2) statistics and finance, and (3) regional studies. Selection of one field does not preclude taking courses in other fields. Parallel to these options, a research concentration stream is offered for students planning to proceed towards the doctoral program. Approximately ten spaces are available per year for this program; predictably, these are reserved for those applicants demonstrating great promise and motivation. Applications are normally made in the student's junior (3rd) year. For details about the 5-yr CBMA please visit (in Japanese), or contact the Chair of the 5-yr CBMA Committee, Professor Eiji KUROZUMI, at kurozumi@econ